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Well, I have already posted a call for help in this post: Contributors wanted for unusual project

But some advertisement is always good, so:

Contributors are wanted for the AsmBB project.

No doubt, this is the fastest and lightest web forum engine, written entirely in assembly language and using FastCGI for even faster communications with the web server.

The project is free and open source, distributed under the EUPL license. (which is copyleft license compatible with GPL)

While I can write and optimize the back-end of the engine, my skills in the HTML/CSS/JS are pretty weak, so some skilled front-end developer and designer are highly needed in order to make the front-end as good as the back-end of the engine.

Of course, assembly language developers are also welcome, because there are many features that can be implemented in order to make AsmBB even better.

For everyone this is a chance to work on an really unusual project, learning non-conventional development tools and making the performance priority number one!


Great. In what area you want to help? If it is the front-end, simply clone the repository and browse the www/templates/ directory in order to get some idea about the current state of the project.

Useful reads:

How to install the engine - you will probably need a working local instance of the engine. The article is about installing on VPS, but the same directions can be used for local web server as well.

The template engine specification - the basis of the front-end is the template engine. Here is more or less full description of the syntax.

The contributions model - here is described how to make changes and submit them to the project.

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