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Is everybody switching to serverless in 2020?

johndemian profile image John Demian ・2 min read

Probably not, but at least a handful of Fortune 500 will take the serverless route.

2020 is already well underway and businesses all over the world are gearing up for a new year full of unpredictable moments. Now these last years we've seen technology change at a rapid pace and it seems like we are getting bombarded with new things before we even got a chance to get used to the "old" stuff.

AWS Lambda is still new to most of us and while we do understand how it can save companies a lot of money or how it's a great way to develop applications faster and with less risk, and how serverless mitigates the technical debt that plagues so many companies, there are still plenty of unknowns and to top it off, there are new services being released all. The. Time.

Here are some of the most important things to happen in the serverless space back in 2019


Serverless adoption is growing at an alarming speed and we have companies like Amazon to thank for that. Their continued effort to improve and develop this space as well as the new tools we get is what draws in thousands of developers. Here are the ones that were announced only last month.

Lambda: Provisioned Concurrency

Cold Starts have been an issue since Lambda was launched, years ago. Many attempts by the development community have tried to mitigate it with various degrees of success. Now AWS launched Provisioned Concurrency.

S3: Access Points

Instead of concentrating all bucket access policies in a single place, AWS S3 now allows distributing access rules across multiple Access Points.

Fully Managed Cassandra

Although DynamoDB is a perfect fit for serverless applications, many teams and companies have been wary of using it due to lock-in fears.

API Gateway: HTTP APIs

On top of an HTTP proxy service, API Gateway offers a wide range of features: API Keys management, SDK generation, throttling, etc. All these extra features come with a cost, until now. This new feature will have users pay a third of the price they used to pay while still getting all the amazing features that they have grown used to.

Serverless Machine Learning

AWS announced three new serverless machine learning offerings. Click on the links below to read more details in the official announcements.

My buddy Renato made a detailed post on all of these plus many more here.

2019 was amazing but I suspect this year we'll get to see even more companies switching to serverless and even more developers building amazing things.

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zivsalzmanappd profile image

It's worth mentioning other monitoring solutions like Epsagon and AppDynamics

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C.S. Rhymes

The release of Laravel vapor last year has made a huge difference to the php community

johndemian profile image
John Demian Author

Have you had a chance to test it?

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Love the infographic... Great article!