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Discussion on: How is the global software dev ecosystem changing with remote work becoming more mainstream?

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John Demian

I remember when I started coding I relied very much on the help of my colleagues. I used to have them come over at my computer and help out or just sit next to them as they explain how they made stuff work.

I've worked remotely for the better part of the last decade and I've missed that type of interaction and easy access with the senior developers but at the same time, I was forced to teach myself how to do my own research.

The way I see it, the byproduct of the dev ecosystem going remote is that it will make life harder for new developers but at the same time will force mediocre developers (like myself) to up their game.

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Maciek Chmura

I think VSCode LiveShare will help with closing the gap of distance pair programming :)
IMHO Skype call + sharing session will be almost like sitting at the same desk.