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FYI: you link to the NPM package several places in the article, but the package.json is apparently missing a link to the associated git repo.

I can't speak for everyone obviously, but I have no interest in npmjs.org links. I only use them to find the associated git repo. For anyone else looking for the git repo, you can find it here: github.com/cloudnc/observable-webw... (the last link in the article references it).

(also, thanks for open-sourcing your work! Looks super useful)


Thanks for the tip John, I have actually already fixed this however it hasn't been released due to the semantic release program computing the change was immaterial and didn't warrant a version bump, so this fix will go out with the next addition to the library. I'll see if there is anything obvious I can fix up to ensure it gets out as this is kinda annoying I agree.


Dunno what your pipeline is, but I remember running into something like this with lerna and I was able to make use of an option (--force ? --force-publish ?) to force out an otherwise identical patch release.

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