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Discussion on: Publishing NestJS Packages with npm

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John Biundo Author

Hi, I think you just posted this question on the discord channel? Here's what I wrote there:

I assume you want to keep the packages private, so I think you have a couple of options. One is to use a private npm registry -- either with a paid account at, or hosting one locally (I have experimented with Verdaccio, and it seems excellent, though I've only just played around with it). Another is to consider a monorepo. I candidly don't have any experience with a monorepo, but a lot of folks on here do actively use one, so I'm sure one or more will chime in if you want to go that route. Good luck!

Hopefully some of the other community members will chime in with thoughts.

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Mário Monteiro

Thanks @john

I already use monorepo and Verdaccio.
But the question os not related with publish. I try to ask about extract auth and users modules to a new package to share in my 2 projects. Ex I want to create for ex a package like @acme/nestjs-auth and re,-use it, that why I ask it. Sorry if I cant explain better, you already note that I have some issues with English eheheh


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John Biundo Author

No worries @Mário.

So I may not be understanding, but it seems like you're asking about re-using a package in another project. To me, that sounds exactly like what I was addressing. So, you would npm publish @acme/nestjs-auth (if you want it public, that's exactly the recipe outlined in this article; if you want it private, I addressed that above), then, in project A, you'd npm install @acme/nestjs-auth and inside your project a, import { blah } from @acme/nestjs-auth. You could do the same inside project b.

If you just mean sharing a module within a project, that is a separate topic, and is about the Nest module system.

I hope that clarifies somewhat. Ask further if I'm missing the point!

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Mário Monteiro • Edited

Thanks John,
Yes Im asking about sharing a module within a project

@rubin sent me a GitHub link in discord that seems will Help me with issue. Thanks John for your paciente and kind answear :)

Looking forward for next great nestjs posts.

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Hi Mário, how are you doing?

I need to do exactly what you asked for, how did you dealed with the problem?

Thank you.

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Mário Monteiro

Hello Samuel

I don't remember, I must check my project, but the of out friend @rubin put me in the right track.

When I get to home I Will check it....

O see that @rubin repo link os not on this thread, I paste it later

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Hello Samuel

here are my notes
includes the link to repo that I follow to get it working from our friend @rubiin

I hope this helps :)



a example to create a nestjs package with dynamic modules :)


CLI command to install npm peerDependencies. This can be useful when developing modules.

$ sudo npm install -g npm-install-peers
$ npm-install-peers


# build
$ npm run build
# publish
$ npm publish
# unPublish
# npm unpublish <package-name>@<version>
$ npm unpublish @koakh/nestjs-auth-quick-config@1.2.2

Us in NestJs from file system, ideal for developing

# create symbolic link
$ cd NodeNestJsHyperLedgerConvectorRestStarter/node_modules/@koakh
$ ln -s ../../../../../Node/@NestPackages/@koakh/nestjs-auth-quick-config/

After changes don't forget to npm run build

Use in NestJs lerna project from NPM registry

# install dependency
$ npx lerna add @koakh/nestjs-auth-quick-config --scope @convector-sample/server-graphql
$ npx lerna clean
$ npx lerna bootstrap

Install in App


ex from graphql project

import { AuthQuickConfigModule } from '@koakh/nestjs-auth-quick-config';

  imports: [
      installSubscriptionHandlers: true,
      autoSchemaFile: 'schema.gql',
      jwtSecret: 'secretKey',
      jwtExpiresIn: '1h',
      getByUsername: (username: string) => 'admin',