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Discussion on: Vanilla JavaScript and HTML - No frameworks. No libraries. No problem.

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John Papa Author

I appreciate the comment and I love learning new languages. Rust is indeed very cool.

x is "... faster than JS ..." is not the point of the article. It can be powerful to explore performance, but in most cases in my many years of techhnology, asserting perf often is "it depends" and more often than not perf differences are negligible.

I don't think you are pushing for one over the other, as your comment reads very friendly. I just don't want to start a x is better than Y discussion as I'd rather focus on the point here ... which is there is value in learning plain vanilla js and html even when you mat use additional tools.

thanks for commenting

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No worries. But in this case it was more "x is faster than node by a long shot" really; and I must agree. Swoole and Rust are both languages much faster than PHP and JS, and both have similar focus groups and people who use them.

In benchmarking (lol) both of them get really high marks (top 5--10 for actix, top 10--20 for swoole) but as you likely know those numbers aren't everything.