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Discussion on: Do I really need a SPA framework?

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John Papa

I built my own a few years back. I did not intend to, but when I was done I realized how much code I had written, how it STILL was not as good as the existing options (backbone, knockout, angular, dojo, etc at the time), and nobody but me really knew how to use it.

However - it was a great experience and I learned a lot about Web programming in a much deeper level than I had previously. So it was worth my time.

I absolutely recommend trying pure vanilla js/html/css and the DOM to understand the web world. But Highly recommend using incredible tools like React, Vue, Angular and Svelte.

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Chris Noring Author

100% agree :) Yea that's one of the perils, who can use this library but me. Yea there's a lot of learning in building things yourself, for the appreciation of other peoples work but also understand the architecture behind