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Building My First Side Project - Part 1


So it has been a while since I got introduced to web development and the community. Wrote my first line of simple code back in 2016 but only formerly started coding in 2020 when I was doing my first year in varsity. I have been contemplating this whole side project thing for making my portfolio look appealing to prospective employers. Finally found a simple project to do: A Student Accommodation Booking Portal.


I was recently trying to apply for accommodation and one of the residences didn't have a booking system. They were simply using a Google Forms to collect user information and to process everything. So I thought why not build a simple web app for them.

Then What??

In doing so, I opted for the following technologies when building this project:

Core Technologies:

  • React/NextJS
  • Tailwindcss
  • Prisma
  • TypeScript
  • SQLite DB
  • NextAuth

Experimental Technologies:

These are technologies that I am interested in learning/working with but currently unsure.

  • tRPC
  • GraphQL
  • Zustand


This particular platform will include the following features:

  • Authentication (Google, Facebook, Email Magic Link) - Powered by NextAuth
  • Role-based Auth
  • Profile Creation and Editing

  • Viewing of all the properties

  • Application for accommodation and editing of application

  • Application Status tracking

  • Space Availability tracking


So far not a lot has been done except for the following:

  • project initialization with typescript
  • adding tailwindcss
  • adding and initializing prisma and schema
  • adding nextauth
  • setting up Google OAuth Credentials

Current progress can be checked out here 👉 Github Link

For now it's back to coding. Part 2 coming soon... cheers 🤘🤘

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