#Hacktoberfest / Testing a Test-Setup for a temporal REST-API

johanneslichtenberger profile image Johannes Lichtenberger ・1 min read

Hi all,

I'd need some testing if setting up a non-blocking SirixDB HTTP-Server works.

Basically it needs a running Keycloak instance for authorization, which needs to be configured.

The description of setting up Keycloak and the SirixDB HTTP-Server can be found in the (as of now) rather small REST-API documentation.

The most awesome thing would be to get the docker-compose file to work loading a JSON test realm configuration for Keycloak (which somehow doesn't work), such that setting up a basic test configuration is as easy as possible.

Kind regards


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I think you've misused the #help tag 🤔


Oh, I'm super sorry... where can I read the guidelines for the use of the hash tags again?


That's not to say I'm right 😄 ! I think the #help tag is for people wanting help on how to do something, rather than help to complete a feature/fix if that makes sense?

I honestly have no idea where the guidelines are, I could be completely wrong :)

Good point... that said could need some help for the docker-compose file (loading an exported JSON realm config file into Keycloak... maybe it doesn't work as I had exported the whole config file, I'm not sure though).

I think there's somewhere something documented for instance about the #OpenSource hash tag.

Thank you :-)

Wish I could help but I am not a Java person :-)

All the best!


You can make use of postwoman.io - API request builder for testing REST APIs served in https [GitHub].


Ah yes, thank you :-) but it's in the first place if it's clear how to setup Keycloak and the SirixDB HTTP-Server :-)

But yeah, maybe I can then host a running Server with a Keycloak Server somewhere for demo purposes (maybe as docker containers on Heroku!?).


Docker would be my default option for development environment ✨