Building a web frontend with Vue.js v3, Typescript and D3.js during #Hacktoberfest together

johanneslichtenberger profile image Johannes Lichtenberger ・1 min read

Hi all,

As I just started a web front-end for SirixDB, we can switch to Vue.js v3.

A pre-alpha has been released. So, as SirixDB is kind of at the same stage regarding v1, let's build something together with the latest stuff. I'm just learning front-end related stuff, so any help is more than appreciated and you can practise your Uve.js v3 skills from day one, basically :-)

Ah, I'm super enthusiastic and I just started using Vue a couple of days ago ;-)

Best weekend to all of you


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I was pretty hesitant of the Composition API in Vue, but the more we've been practicing TDD at my job, the more excited I am to use the new Vue API. Vue Test Utils is painful to use when testing logic in many places because of the way the object syntax works. Just from a testing standpoint, it should be a lot easier to test v3 applications as we move towards a React Hooks-like API, where everything is a function.


Out of interest are you using Vue with typescript and tsx?


I have a project with Vue and typescript that I have already started so I didn't see a way to migrate to nuxt, did you have to start over? If you didn't perhaps there is hope for me.

Hmm, we basically only had a couple of days of work on the project and it was a PR from @simonholdorf


Yes, at least TypeScript :-) but we more or less start from scratch, so we can use whatever fits our needs best.


Seems probably not everything is implemented, yet, so using npmjs.com/package/@vue/composition... might be better.