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Being a Developer Advocate: Week 32

Some weeks you have less energy and drive and that is ok. This was one of those weeks so I decided to take it a little bit slower and enjoyed my little episode of more distractedness (is this a word 😂)

What I like to do is creative work and reading in such an episode and I managed to do the whole postproduction for the last couple of videos for my short-tutorial series.

We are also doing a major release of a cool product next month and reworking a lot of stuff. I noticed some gaps in our docs and closed them and we are also working on expanding our API docs with more gifs and better examples. A lot of things are not well documented and thus hard to use.

For the product I want to release some tutorial videos and taking a different approach this time. Normally I come up with things to say on the fly while I am recording. But this time is different as I created a detailed script of what I wanted to show.

This led to some interesting findings about how I wanted to show some things and how they actually behaved. Turning the whole process into a Developer Experience Audit is on the way 😅

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