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Being a Developer Advocate: Week 25

Last week I was at an in-person meetup again 🤯 This was a fun experience meeting Samuel Nitsche in person and also trying out the combination of recording a talk with a selfiesticktripod and an iPhone.

Turns out the video quality is awesome but the audio lacks when there is a loud AC in the background. With AI taking over the world my favourite tool DaVinci Resolve could help with that, but only in the Studio version. This might push me over the edge 😋

Domain Modelling

We are getting serious with straightening out our Domain Model and also our Terminology. This means a lot of tedious renaming work in our Docs with the goal of creating a vocabulary that is consistent.

I strongly believe miscommunication is a very big problem in IT. With this initiative we hopefully will communicate more clearly internally and also externally!

Getting Videos Out

With the logo finished for my upcoming short video series with tips and tricks about our product I started to create a short introduction sequence and uploading the finished videos to YouTube.

Creating the intro just with transitions and simple keyframes in Da Vinci Resolve and it looks appealing enough for me to publish it 😋

Uploading it to YouTube is another beast it seems. You have to take care of so many things:

  • Thumbnail
  • Engaging title
  • Nice description with tracking links
  • Cards in the videos and at the end
  • Correct subtitles

For three videos it took me about two hours. And I have not created social posts yet 🥶

For subtitles I used WhisperAI and explained my setup in a blog post.

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