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Join the MiniScript "Advent of Code" contest!

Last year, I participated in the 2022 Advent of Code challenges using MiniScript (see my final write-up).

Blocks falling and stacking up in a pit.  Please turn your monitor sideways for proper viewing.

If you've not heard of it before, Advent of Code is a fun annual challenge where, every day in December up to the 25th, a new programming puzzle is released at midnight Eastern time. The puzzles are organized around a fun little story, and slowly reveal a map as you finish each one (all done in ASCII art in an old-school terminal-style web page). People compete to see how quickly they can solve the challenges, using any programming language and libraries they like. Everyone faces the same tasks, but with different test data, so you can't just paste in someone else's answer.

Using MiniScript, I made a respectable showing, completing all 25 challenges and placing in the top 1000 on the global leaderboard several times. I found MiniScript to be a delightful language for tackling most of the tasks, and prepared a little library of generally useful code for AoC-type tasks. (You can find all my solutions for last year's tasks in the same repo.)

This was so much fun that other people want to play, too! So this year, we're going to have a private MiniScript leaderboard for Advent of Code 2023!

Particles of sand flowing into a series of obstacles

Join the fun!

We'd love for you to participate! All you need is MiniScript (I ended up mostly using Mini Micro, but you could also try command-line MiniScript).

If you've never used MiniScript, don't worry! The language is adequately described by the 1-page Quick Reference, though other resources are also available, including a wiki. You will find MiniScript is very easy to pick up.

Then, log in at Advent of Code using an existing Google, GitHub, Twitter, or Reddit account. Click the "Join Private Leaderboard" link, and paste in this Join Code: 2616717-2f08e303

If you've already joined, you can view the leaderboard here.

Then, tackle the challenges that will drop nightly beginning December 1st, using MiniScript. Submit your solution as quickly as you can, and see how you stack up against other MiniScript users all over the world!

Animated display of the example from Part B

Win prizes!

In the spirit of giving, and to make the challenge even more fun, I will award the following prizes to the top three contestants (not counting myself) on our private leaderboard at the end of the challenge (i.e. December 26th):

  • 1st Place: $50
  • 2nd Place: $25
  • 3rd Place: $10

These will be awarded in the form of an gift certificate, where possible. (If that doesn't work for you, we'll figure out something else of equivalent value.)

I'll also mail out MiniScript bookmarks and Mini Micro stickers to anyone who completes all 25 challenges by January 1st, regardless of where you score!

See you on the leaderboard!

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joestrout profile image

The contest is over! A couple of people joined our leaderboard but didn't use MiniScript, so they're disqualified. So it looks like our top 2 winners are Max Kratt and James Chin.

The third-place winner is Timur R, if I can verify that MiniScript was used; otherwise, it's 枯萎の花. Timur, if you're reading this, please contact me! I want to get you your prize, or if you signed up to our leaderboard by mistake, then let the next guy have it.