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Discussion on: How to Embed Video Chat in your Unity Games

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Joel Author

Hey Dave,
As far as I know, Agora has modules for "Video Call (including audio)" and "Audio Call".
The video module can be disabled, leaving only the audio module.

However if you have the video module enabled, you can only mute/unmute the audio, instead of fully restricting audio, access to microphone, etc.

I'm curious about your implementation, what are you aiming to make?

Also, our service is built upon our own custom-built network that's optimized for voice/video interaction. At a base level Agora provides superior quality of voice/video all over the world - with an added bonus of custom controls at your disposal to optimize the audio/video data for your specific use-case.

I hope this helps, Dave, cheers!

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Thanks for the reply. We are building a VR collaboration app (like VRChat, for example) and want to include webcam video. But (for now) we only want one person's webcam active and broadcasting. We're using Photon for everything else, including voice. I have to assume that voice will be better synced if I mute PhotonVoice and use Agora's instead.

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Joel Author

Very cool!
Yeah i'd say that's a safe assumption!