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JavaScript Joel
JavaScript Joel

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Minute JavaScript - indexOf, includes, find, and as a bonus findIndex

Minute JavaScript is a Fast format JavaScript Tutorial that gets straight to the point.

Topic: indexOf, includes, find, and as a bonus findIndex

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If you'd like to see more of my videos, head over to YouTube.

More Minute JavaScript Videos:

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agathebadia profile image
Agathe Badia

Cool concept! And well explained, with a short format. Thanks a lot! I will happily check the other videos you made :)

joelnet profile image
JavaScript Joel

Glad you enjoy them. I'm trying to keep them short and sweet. I do have some other long format videos. But I'm kind of experimenting with everything right now 👍

vikramrajput profile image
Vikram Rajput

which plugin gives you immediate result in vs code?

joelnet profile image
JavaScript Joel

The VSCODE plugin you are seeing is called Quokka.js. Highly recommend it 👍

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