Live Coding a refactoring of a Node.js (JavaScript) Bitcoin Twitter Bot on Twitch

joelnet profile image JavaScript Joel ・1 min read

Just in case you missed it, here's the recording from my Live Coding session on Twitch!

I refactored a large file down from 75 lines of code to about 25. I created a plugin system to dynamically load events and I complain about keyboards!

Screenshot of my Twitch Live Code session

watch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/434707544

Before: https://github.com/joelnet/bitcoin-all-time-high/blob/342398b80996610072d998754f8df672007b6eaf/src/recipes/all-time-high/index.js

After: https://github.com/joelnet/bitcoin-all-time-high/blob/33e71f421eb679bfa99f8f28c2860e5be028cd01/src/recipes/all-time-high/index.js




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