I will be πŸ”₯ LiveCoding JavaScript on Twitch at 7:30 PM PST (Jun 4 2019)

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This should be interesting...

Come for the code. Stay for the fails.

Are you planning on attending? Have you watched other live coders? What do you think about live coding in general?


This Live Coding is complete, the video has been archived. Watch it here: https://dev.to/joelnet/live-coding-a-refactoring-of-a-node-js-javascript-bitcoin-twitter-bot-on-twitch-29f5


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Awesome, we have the capacity to display twitch feeds on DEV mostly built but not quite working, so please do this again in the future, let us know when, and we’ll make sure it works by then!


I'm learning this whole live coding thing. I barely got the software installed last night. A whole world to learn.

Live feeds on dev.to would be awesome! Especially if active live feeds were at the top of dev.to!

You have some kind of #livecoding tag or something?



This sounds interesting, would be interested to know when this is ready as well.


πŸ‘‹ hey how's this going? Were you able to ever get the webhooks working in Prod?


Not yet but we finally have some spare engineering cycles for this so we should have some answers soon. I know I said that before but I feel good about it right now.

Awesome! I'm not in any rush, just checking in

I haven't streamed much at all since then, but maybe dev launching will give me another reason too!


πŸ‘‹ I'll try to tune in and chat with ya for a bit! Node isn't my primary language so I'll definitely learn a thing or two

I've been trying to get into some live streaming too, so I'm definitely also interested in how it goes for you!


Hey thanks for showing up! I definitely learned a few things during the stream. Hope you did too!


Set reminder for 7:25. ^>^ looking forward to the stream.


Ah this is great! I Livestream weekly at twitch.tv/irreverentmike

I'll check out your stream as well. It's quite the experience πŸ‘€


Awesome! I just followed you. It's hard to find coders on Twitch. They don't have great categories.