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The ES6 in Depth Challenge

Mozilla (the creators of Firefox and MDN) has this interesting blog called Mozilla Hacks where they post interesting advanced tricks with Web technologies. In April of 2015, they started a series of blog posts entitled ES6 in Depth.

It's basically a list of articles, one for each JS feature coming on ES6: let and const, classes, for-of and iterators, modules, etc., with a decent dive into the details. It's a great way to learn post-2015 modern JavaScript.

Challenge Time!

The challenge is simple: read one ES6 in Depth article every two days. You'll read the article and spend two days understanding and using it, incorporating it into your toolbelt, and making yourself familiar with it. Then, on the third day, read the next article and start over again - until you read them all.

It's a series of 17 blog posts - being 15 about features, an introduction, and a final post. Spend two days on each feature article and you'll finish it in one month. After that, you'll know and have experienced much of today's JS, definitely leveling up your career as a developer.


In order to make the best out of this experience, you'll follow the rules below:

#1 Don't rush

The challenge is about absorbing knowledge and some experience. It takes time, often way more than two days. So don't rush. Becoming a better developer takes time, so give yourself time to think about how these features can help you to write better code.

#2 Don't give up

If you miss a day or two for some important reason, don't give up. Reorganize your daily routine and move on. Start the cycle again the next day and keep going until you read all articles.

Don't be sorry if you're falling behind, don't get distracted, don't give a chance to bad feelings.

Accomplishing things is hard, so if you fall on this road, you get up and keep going. Once you finish all the articles you'll feel great for accomplishing it, and better: you'll profit from this knowledge for the rest of your career.

# Keep a log

Write down the things that you're learning somewhere. It can be a note-taking app, a blog, email drafts, whatever. Writing will help you digest knowledge much better than just reading, so write down what you've learned, along with examples, ideas, notes, snippets, etc.

These writings might become your own blog posts in the future. :-)


Do you think that challenges like this one can inspire and motivate you to learn something? Let me know how useful it is for you in the discussions below!

I'm always on Twitter as @holyshtjoe. If you want to discuss programming, you know how to find me. 😉

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