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A cliché rusty project built using rust

So, it's been a week, and I have been relearning Rust. Hopefully, without falling into many pitfalls, I was able to cover the basics of Rust in a detailed and explanatory manner.

By incorporating fundamental concepts such as enums, structs, tuples, vectors, loops, strings, types, match, etc., I have successfully created a simple yet functional project—a task manager designed to operate in the command line interface (CMD).

The project building was fun, mainly because there weren't many confusing parts or head-scratching doubts or errors that I fell into. I believe it's mainly because of having a good foundation to stand upon. I have recorded the live coding of the project as a document.

The main aim of this blog is to keep track of my Rust progress, so that later when I look back, I can see the steps I have climbed in my learning journey. Rust is a tough language, but dedicating appropriate time and having good resources to learn will always be beneficial.

And a simple piece of advice to fellow readers: if you learn anything, always try to build something with that knowledge, even if it's small—no problem. It doesn't have to be perfect, bug-free, or very attractive. Just build; it will boost your confidence along with your motivation to code. Try to document the journey, take up challenges one by one. Likewise, you could build a strong foundation, and that foundation will support you forever, even if whatever AI comes to take over.

So, thank you, and have a great day! Don't forget to write at least a line of code today 😂. Below, I will provide the link to the live coding of the project, along with the GitHub repository link. If you have time and interest, do check it out.

Github repo - Link

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