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Announcing The Browser Conference

The browser conference

We've thought about doing this for years… with the explosive growth of providers and the need for developers to have browser automation as a core skill set, we wanted to create an industry conference that is all about sharing the most cutting edge technologies and best practices for browser automation. The conference will focus on libraries such as Puppeteer, Selenium, Webkit, Playwright and many more. We will also include speakers from both tool providers as well as practitioners that are in the trenches day-to-day crafting unique solutions to the hardest problems.

The first year is virtual and 100% free to join. We would greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to support this effort. We have worked together with Oxylabs to bring this event to life and have an amazing speaker line-up. You can sign up here:

About the Event

While the first year is going to be smaller, we hope to partner with industry leaders and turn this into a much larger event in the coming years. If you want this to become something, help us out by signing up and showing your interest in learning more about what Browser Automation can do for your career and company.

Here is an overview of the amazing speakers we will have at The Browser Conference:

Fara Ashiru: Fara Ashiru Jituboh is the co-founder and CEO/CTO of Okra, Inc., a fintech Nigerian-based startup that allows for the exchange of real-time financial information between customers, applications, and banks. Fara is a software engineer and entrepreneur, who is fluent in over 20 programming languages.

Dario Kontratiuk: Dario Kondratiuk has been a web developer since 2001. He won the Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional) award in 2020 for his contributions to the developer’s community. Dario has been working with Puppeteer since the beta versions, back in 2017. He is the author of Puppeteer-Sharp, a Puppeteer port to .NET, and Playwright-Sharp, a Playwright port to .NET. He writes about web automation in his blog, and he’s active on Stack Overflow.

Ben Fellows: Ben is the Founder and CEO of Loop where he helps startups & enterprise organizations run successful test automation teams. Ben is an evangelist of Playwright and a realist when it comes to continuous development. Overall fan of QA & promoting the industry.

Joel Griffith: Founder and CEO of, Joel has seen just about every kind of platform, library and headless browser binary this is. These days he spends his time operationalizing and writing about best practices with regards to headless automation.

Final Tidbits

  • Can't join? No worries! Sign-up and we'll record the event for future enjoyment. A collectors item for years to come!
  • Can't join won't join? No problem! If you wanted to tweet or tell some friends about it, that'd help tremendously.
  • Can't join won't join won't X-it? That's ok too, thanks for reading!

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