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Discussion on: Can you describe how you visualize or form mental models around your work?

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Joe DuVall

Visualizing a solution some technical architecture is quite relevant to me in my role as a tech lead. I always struggle with this, but I always look to improve my visualization skills to keep the project team's ride a smooth one. For me, translating what is in my head to paper is the most challenging aspect.

Since being diagnosed, I have attributed my ongoing visualization struggles to ADHD. That is not to say I am unique or that others do not struggle the same as I do. I always felt that I could solve problems in non-linear ways but strain when trying to replicate my path to a colleague. You could say the same of me when it comes to technical design and architecture. What is clear to me is obtuse and opaque to others based on my explanation.

I had an on and off relationship with UML, believing that it was the solution. I love structure, and boy does UML have structure. Unfortunately, one can spend an inordinate time modeling an entire system in vain before you ever communicate something useful to someone else. Not to mention that BAs, PMs, and clients love when you break out a UML diagram.

I did find something recently that seems to help me make useful visualizations for business and tech people that don't require hours (or days) of effort. It's the C4 model: It's excellent in that it allows you to diagram a system in whole or part at various altitudes. It is structured enough to keep you from over-designing with enough flexibility to convey a variety of concepts.

I found it quite helpful in my current project and believe the team feels the same. I also used one of these diagrams to demonstrate a concept to business users with success. I highly recommend this model for those in a tech lead role.