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Joe Leeson
Joe Leeson

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Live reload setup

So for most of my projects I have a watch script such as npm run watch to auto compile less/sass, but I haven't got anything setup yet to reflect these changes in the browser without a page refresh.

Would love to hear some recommendations on what other devs out there are using for their setup?

Cheers in advance!

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Matthew Rath

For dedicated projects, use Vite -

It'll handle everything, including the watch tasks for preprocessors -

Note that it's also split into 2 distinct workflows conceptually i.e.

  • The stuff that happens during dev: live reload, HMR, preprocessors, etc.
  • The stuff that happens when you want to push / deploy to prod, custom optimizations (via rollup).

P.S. If all you want is a scratchpad to try something out, codepen, jsFiddle, or one of those sites will serve that purpose, don't bother installing a "live server" extension in your editor.