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Jo's Hacktoberfest 2023 Pledge

Hey folks, it's better to be late than never I suppose. I realized that there's badges to be had, and I want them ALL! So here's my tiny-tiny pledge for Hacktoberfest 2023.

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the concept. Maybe an ad, maybe someone mentioned it on some site somewhere. But I found out about Hacktoberfest last week. Through some means connected to that, I found this place. So here I am with both. Why do I want to do it? Because I am open to anything, and figured why not. Seems fun.

I'm an absolute trash-mess of a programmer currently. It's all spaghetti code, so I wasn't sure what I could contribute. But I was open to figure that out. Looked at a lot of beginners repositories. Many of the problems I could solve were either claimed, or to be claimed. Which is understandable. I mean lots of people in my position, likewise my limitations.

So to be honest with you, I scoured the low-to-no-code options. Because I wanted to get something done. I committed to my first repo, EVER! Which felt like a hallelujah, even if it was pretty dumb-dumb commits. They repo as a whole actually got disqualified later, I found out. That's okay, I am glad I did it in the first place. Sweaty hands and all. Not sure if you fellow devs remember, but firsts are always terrifying.

I've got three more in the works. Said I need to keep them valid for seven days. I've got one more I've got to contribute. They're all doc work, and I figured I'd do a little more just to keep safe. So I'm going to knock them out either today or tomorrow. Body willing. I actually really like the idea of the repo I've been committing to though, as it keeps my head clear about certain concepts. I think I'm either going to continue working with it post-October or clone it and make it mine.

Now gimmie badge-y? PLEASE!? *Gimmie-grabby hands!

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