Who cares about SoloLearn.com?

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I discovered that the local government here recommends SoloLearn.com to unemployed people who want to become a developer. I was once bored and finished all of these SoloLearn courses in a day. They sent me a cute little certificate for each course.

Personally I feel this is a load of crap. It hasn't really taught me anything and I sincerely doubt SoloLearn is going to make the difference on my resume but I am highly opinionated and arrogant.

So I want to know your experience, have you ever applied for a job or come across an organisation that cares about SoloLearn or has even heard of it? Any type of self study has value of course and the lessons are not bad perse but are these courses/certificates really worth anything when you are applying for a job in the real world?

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Obviously the only real test of career readiness is actual experience itself. If you're looking for a career it's important to be searching for real opportunities no matter the size. I think we tend to bunch education together with being hireable but a good word and a reference from a person of confidence goes so much further than just a degree or certificate.


Certificates make people feel like they are making progress but generally don't mean much for jobs. What's important is learning the skills and applying them. All of those certificates won't help if the person hasn't build up a portfolio and made things with their new skills.


I care about it, because I use several times to keep my dev skills sharp