In VR, what is that "loading" animation called when you look at something that you can interact with?

jochemstoel profile image Jochem Stoel ・1 min read

When you look at something you can interact with in VR, you see this loading animation for 3 seconds before it triggers a 'click' event. It prevents unwanted clicking every single thing you look at by requiring you to look at it for a few seconds. Kinda like a crosshair you see in computer games. What is it called? Does it even have a name?

I want to Google / CodePen a nice animation for my stereoscopic HTML5 video player but don't really know what to look for besides circle loading animations.


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At the facebook hackathon we used this library for pointing at objects and interacting with them.

It's really simple implement and to use.


Hey thanks but that's not what I asked.


I know you didn’t ask for a library, the readme of that repo has more information about what you are looking for. 👌🏼


A quick skim of this article leads me to think it's a selectionRadial, the center reticle, and selectionSlider, the loading bar.

Might be Unity specific though? I'm definitely not an expert in VR...

Also maybe try display reticle, reticle pointer, or gaze input?


Thank you Andy, this is useful.