Explain like I am five how to write a javascript function that transcribes an audio file from the client using Google Speech API

jochemstoel profile image Jochem Stoel ・1 min read
  • Title says explain but by all means do demonstrate.
  • The audio source is a file and not client microphone. Ultimately same thing. (please do not explain the difference between a file input in a browser and Node)
  • I read somewhere that audio files shorter than some length do not require an API key. Is this true?
  • In this particular case spaghetti code is fine.


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I... don't think this fits as an ELI5 question...


Hey Jochem, we have a #help tag now if you want to use that instead. Probably better suited for your needs.

Also, I'm sure people are willing to help if you elaborate a bit more.


Thank you. Sorry I was completely unaware of this tag.


Could you show us what you tried?