[dev.to] How can I see the posts I ponied?

jochemstoel profile image Jochem Stoel ・1 min read

I use ponies as a bookmark and categorization system on most platforms.


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Hey Jochem! You can see the articles you've reacted to on the right column of your profile. However, I recommend using the bookmarks reaction to bookmark the items you want to read next. Those items will appear on your home feed in the let column under 'My Reading List'


Are you referring to the unicorn?


Yes I want to see which posts I liked and ponied.


There's no way of seeing all the posts you've ponied at the moment, but this could make its way in in the future.

The moment I realized there is no way I can find months of posts liked I meant to find later..:(

For me the reading list refers to articles I'll read later when I have the time. Likes are the things I've read and liked so that I can find later. All other platforms match these expectations.

Are they really gone forever (not in dev.to db but for me at least)?

We have this on the roadmap, coming early '19

We have this on the roadmap, coming early '19

is this a thing yet? more interested in the list for the ❤️s. i guess if you were going to display a list for one you would display it for them all.

Maybe start with an API endpoint, so we can recover the articles we liked.

May I know whether this has been implemented yet?

I only react to a post that I really like, would be nice revisited theses posts. I´m looking for a post I reacted in the past and I can not find.

Me too. Using dev.to since 4 months, liked multiple post to test on my holiday and... Nothing ! Where are this list of liked post ? :(


has this been added yet? I'm new and I'mt rying to find the posts that I've liked???


'Ponied' is now my favorite verb form of the unicorn reaction button. I approve. :)