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About 2 years ago I answered a similar question on Quora.

After high school I chose to pursue a career in IT. It was not much of a choice, it was the only thing I saw myself doing and I did not really have any other interests besides computers. It also was the easiest choice because I was already familiar with a lot of the material.

One thing however kept holding me back; programming. I tried, I really tried but I could not complete the simplest assignments that we were given. It just didn’t ‘click’, I did not see the bigger picture (any picture for that matter) I switched school three times because I failed this subject over and over again. I did not choose a different education and kept trying because it did interest me a lot and I wanted to learn how to make software.

While this is less than a hundred, print a plus symbol…unless x is larger than z, then return an instance of this or that….wtf am I doing and why is this useful?? I want to create software wtf???

Five years had passed and I was running out of time, basically wasting my life on this. On the last school in the region that teaches this subject I was about to fail again miserably when one day we were asked to make a calculator in c++. Suddenly and completely randomly something clicked and it suddenly made complete sense what I was doing. I completed the assignment within the hour (faster than any of my fellow students) and got a straight A. To this day, my calculator is still being used at that school as an example of how it should be done.

Today I am 29 years old and yet I am a senior developer. I know several programming languages and I can not picture myself doing anything else.
Don’t worry if you are struggling with learning how to code. If you really want to learn then eventually something will spark within you and you will laugh yourself silly that it seemed so hard in the past.

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