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Job Cespedes
Job Cespedes

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A KeyDB Operator for Kubernetes

KeyDB is a multithreading, drop-in alternative to Redis. Keydb-operator easily creates a standalone (1 replica) or a multimaster (3 replicas) KeyDB in-memory database. When KeyDB is in multimaster mode, it is possible to have more than one master, allowing read/write operations to all them. That helps for high availability and fault tolerance.


The Kubernetes Operator in this project is in Alpha version. Use at your own risk

Check out the sample CR. Follow the next steps to first install the KeyDB Operatorn and then a KeyDB instance:

# install the operator
make deploy

# create KeyDB instance from sample
kubectl apply -f config/samples/keydb_v1alpha1_keydb.yaml

# follow/check KeyDB operator logs
kubectl -n keydb-operator-system logs -l control-plane=controller-manager -c manager  -f

# follow sample CR status
kubectl get keydb keydb-sample -o yaml -w
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Follow the next steps to uninstall it.

# delete the KeyDB object
# CAUTION with data loss
kubectl delete -f config/samples/keydb_v1alpha1_keydb.yaml

# uninstall the operator
make undeploy
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Advanced Options

For different or advanced configuration via the CR spec, take a look at the variables available

Want to contribute?

  • Use github issues to report bugs, send enhancement, new feature requests and questions

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