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Keep man output in the screen

Reading man man I found out that the pager used by man can be overridden.

 -P pager, --pager=pager
              Specify which output pager to use.  By default, man uses
              less, falling back to cat if less is not found or is not
              executable.  This option overrides the $MANPAGER
              environment variable, which in turn overrides the $PAGER
              environment variable.  It is not used in conjunction with
              -f or -k.

              The value may be a simple command name or a command with
              arguments, and may use shell quoting (backslashes, single
              quotes, or double quotes).  It may not use pipes to
              connect multiple commands; if you need that, use a wrapper
              script, which may take the file to display either as an
              argument or on standard input.
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MANPAGER variable

export MANPAGER="less -FirSwX"
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And after closing man you can still read the man page that you were reading.

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