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João Antunes
João Antunes

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[Video] Are ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs just for demos?

The upcoming release of ASP.NET Core 6 brings a pretty interesting feature set referred to as “Minimal APIs”.

While they seem pretty interesting to me and many others, some folks are not fans and can be quite vocal about it, so I thought about taking quick look, put things in perspective, as well as compare with other tech stacks.

It’s a bit of a different video, less coding and more talking about stuff, hope it’s interesting.

Here come a bunch of related links:

Hope this video/post is useful to get a grasp on what’s going on with ASP.NET Core 6 and Minimal APIs.

Let me know your thoughts not only on this subject, but also if this kind of content is useful.

Thanks for stopping by, cyaz!

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