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Procrastination Season

jmspace profile image Jessica Chambers Originally published at Medium on ・2 min read

I just spent 6 months procrastinating.

I really took a lot of time off. I don’t think that I got my shit together in that time.

I’m still procrastinating but I’m over the feeling of doing nothing. I haven’t coded like I use to in so long that I think I need to start over learning everything. I haven’t looked at a wireframe.

I think about coding and occasionally I sit at my laptop and nothing gets done. Really. I only use my laptop to code. So if I don’t code, my laptop doesn’t get turned on, and if my laptop doesn’t get turned on, it doesn’t update as often as it should and if it’s trying to update when I use it, I can’t code during that time period because I only have 2 GB of RAM. So once I realize that my laptop is updating, I simply just shut it down, so it can update. You win Windows 10.

I think I got to the point where I just didn’t want to do anything. My laziness kicked in and I just prefer to not do anything.

I haven’t even finished my online coursework, yet. Luckily for me, I can just enroll in a new class every time I get behind. But this is also the reason I haven’t finished. No real deadline.

  • Maybe I was getting overwhelmed or bored.
  • Maybe I had too much on my plate at that time.
  • Maybe I lost my motivation.

It’s time to get back in gear.

So I’m completely changing my schedule for doing things until it works and continues to work.

I’m going to to try block scheduling. It’s something I haven’t tried. So I’m going to see if it can help me. I’m also going to commit to my BUJO. This is a creative way to schedule my day and think in terms of goals and other things that need to be done. I count BUJO as a small creative outlet.

Once I figure out the best way and time to do everything, I will refer back to an article I wrote about getting stuff done. I should read it every time I feel like I’m starting off wrong.

How to Make Time for Laziness

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