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On My Way to 2019

jmspace profile image Jessica Chambers Originally published at Medium on ・3 min read

2018 had some great accomplishments and it time to highlight them.

2018 was a good year. I had my ups and downs. I had some really big disappointments.

Goals were a non-existing thing. I never had goals to where I actually wrote them down and planned them out. I never thought deep into the things that I wanted to do or accomplish. I just did then as they came. As the year went on, I started to think about things that I wanted to do and learn.

So, I made a project, 2018 Goals, in Asana and listed out the months left in the year. I put things under the month that I wanted to do those things in and from there I started to do those things.

There were a lot of tasks that I wanted to do. Sometime, it seems as if I would not have enough time to do them all.

Now that the year is ending in less than 2 hours, I thought that a summary of the year would let me see how much I’ve done.

My Top Blog Posts

  1. Wikipedia Viewer — 15 Views
  2. My Life Since BUJO — 11 Views
  3. How to Make Time for Laziness — 10 Views

Favorite Apps

  1. Asana — Productivity and Organization
  2. YouTube — The New TV
  3. Musi — Better than Pandora and YouTube
  4. Minecraft — Infinite fun
  5. Medium — Blogging at it’s Best
  6. Notion — Productivity and Organization
  7. PUBG — You got to have fun too!
  8. Hulu — Still better than cable
  9. Libby — The library app
  10. Omlet — Streaming app for mobile devices

Top Creations

There were more than these being linked. I feel like these were the most liked and took a lot of time to do.

2019: Goals Completion


Goal: JavaScript applications and Backend

A lot of the programs and web pages that I designed or coded happened in the first 8 months of the year. I stacked off toward the end. I had no direction. But I’m hoping that will change in 2019. This time I have a more of an idea of what I want to do and how to accomplish that.

100 Days of Code will continue making my second round but my fifth attempt at round 2. I have it so that I have to make a JavaScript project each month if I don’t have a bigger project for the month. I have ideas for sites to design. So when I run out of JavaScript projects, I can just use this list of sites.

Free Code Camp will make its return. I just want to complete the JavaScript and front end framework certificates.

Blogging and Social Media

I just want to do more. I want a minimum of 1 post a month. I want to share images and videos of the websites that I create.

There is so much to come next year. Follow me though the year and find out if I complete my goals or even come near it.

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