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The Blog Post about the Blog

Without getting too meta, this is the post about my blog as it stands and where I see the future of it going.

Reasoning for the Meta

I was exploring my Matomo Instance recently and noticed over the past year I have had 800 page views on this site. While this is really quite a small number, I was starting to think about the future of this blog and starting to spread the word on it more for both feedback and to spread more information to those who want/need it.

I was thinking about mediums I can share these posts on and getting the word out on some of the current projects I am working on. I think it would be a great way to get more involved with the developer/sysadmin community and also spread information for anyone wanting to learn more.

Current Blog

With the current blog as it stands, I create posts whenever I want about whatever I want. Nothing about this blog is a chore and I for the most part enjoy maintining this blog and writing these posts. Everything with this blog is easy. Netlify hosts it for free (shoutout netlify), DNS is configured for basically forever, and SSL on the site renews automatically. All 3 basic components to a blog are there. It’s everything I need right now to be perfect reference material for myself when I run into pesky recurring issues.


The material for the blog is about things I run into and the fixes/workarounds for the issues pertaining to infrasture, developing ruby/rails/python/whatever and also some around concepts I find interesting. I think this is partially why the material flows/ comes out easily for me. I am able to just dump fixes into posts and write about what I learned. As long as I continue to learn, the posts will continue to come. Whether good or bad, I am usually always documenting.

Writing Style

The writing in these posts is very: here’s the point, here’s why this works for me, if you want a more in depth explaination look up details on your own and also very i wrote one draft of this post and here it is

Unfortunately for the reader, I really don’t read these posts back to myself like a novel in any way. Everything is meant to be technical, but usable. Most of the posts don’t “flow” per se. They more or less just come out with whatever English makes sense to me at the time. Dare I even say, every post for the most part is slapped together in a cryptic way I am able to comprehend for when I run into the issue the next time it happens. if it’s happened once, it’s bound to happen again

This blog is mostly for my reference, but if you are able to take something away, then cheers.


I think feedback would be nice and I am all for writing back. This is mostly why I am going to start sharing these to a wider audience.

I love comments and questions and will always do my best to answer them!

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