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Web Component Frameworks

What commonalities are there between the boilerplate code?

The boilerplates that we looked at were Angular, React, VueJS, and StencilJS (even though stencil is different that the other three). The commonalities between these boilerplates lays with the fact that they all utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to run. On top of that each have their own index.html file for custom components. Each of the boilerplates utilize multiple dependencies as well.

Which do you think is the easiest DX to get going?

VueJS seems to be the easiest DX to get going in a sense that it has the least amount of files and can be researched very easily. The components can be understood without a large amount of knowledge for that same reason which makes customizing it much easier and more convenient.

If starting to build an app tomorrow which would you prefer and why?

Due to VueJS being very simple to operate with this is what I would have to with. It requires very little which would allow for a quick app to lay some groundwork out. If I were to dive in and make something large in scale I would then use Angular or React due to their communities for help and future progress.

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