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Discussion on: “Should I get certified?”

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James McPherson

I haven't got any certs yet, and I've long thought that they weren't a good thing. I based that impression on seeing the certs offered in the late 90s, early 2000s and being very very cynical about ppl who we'd bring in for interviews with them, who didn't actually know how to use the tech they were supposedly certified in.

The other side of this, though, is that yes I most definitely am privileged in this industry- not just because of my education (B.Arts at good uni, with some CS), but also people taking a chance on me. I then managed to get a job with my dream company when I was relatively new to the industry and did work my way around from support to sustaining to development to architecture. I was mentored by and learned from some of the giants of the operating system and computer hardware communities and none of those people ever mentioned getting certifications.

I believe the certification market has well and truly changed, though, so yes, if you can get a certification from a reputable org, you really should do so. I've seen a lot of gatekeeping b.s. in the last few years which would have been a heckuvalot easier to overcome if the candidate had a cert.

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Nočnica Fee Author

Really appreciate this clear advice and honesty about your own experience! Thank you!