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Discussion on: jQuery: the king is dead

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Julien Maury Author • Edited

It's best to remember now and then that there's no silver bullet in development

Indeed, that's what I mean when I say the world is not black and white. I don't blame an app or a website just because it uses jQuery. There could be good reasons. Actually, I list some of them in the post.

For a mostly static, content-heavy page without a lot a state, using jQuery (or even vanilla JS) instead of a modern MVC framework is still a valid choice

I see the idea, and I won't say you're wrong, but is it a valid choice just because there are worse choices? I don't know.

I think I would stick with the following:

It's best if you don't start new projects with it.

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Alex Lohr

I would probably amend a caveat: "It's best if you don't start new projects with it (except if you really know what you're doing and that using jQuery will actually be worth the network traffic it causes)".

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