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Discussion on: 17 Pro JavaScript tricks you didn't know

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Julien Maury

Before anything, thanks for sharing. These are funky tips, and it's always interesting to read posts like yours.

However, I prefer not being "clever", especially in a pro context. I want everybody to understand what I'm doing rather than being regarded as a code ninja. To me, if it's harder to read, it's worse, not better.

Maybe the "pros vs. noobs" presentation is not the best here. Likewise, I can assure you that big projects require clarity. If it's too "clever", it's harder to maintain.

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Rahul Author

I surely agree with this and i will keep this in mind. I'm sorry actually I'm using my phone for blogging. I'm sorry.

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Julien Maury • Edited

No problem, thanks for sharing :)

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