Migrating from GitHub to Gitea

Joseph D. Marhee on December 23, 2018

I recently made the move, for a variety of reasons, from a public Github profile to private git infrastructure. One of the solutions I tried was ... [Read Full]
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Interesting! I've been starting to consider the alternatives myself, for similar reasons. How would someone else authenticate to file an issue or pull request? Can they log in via OAuth with Google, social media, or GitHub accounts?


A lot of solutions do allow public registration (if this isn't an organizational project--most of mine are, for example), or for example, if you use a solution like Gitea or Gitlab, it supports mirroring a project on Github (if you want the public to contribute, this can be a helpful pipeline in) and you can aggregate issues and pull requests that way.

Gitlab, in particular, does support Single Sign On (via Google and Github, I believe!)


While the premise of setting up a self-hosted Git solution is intriguing (Gitea appears to be very fast too) but from an infrastructure perspective, will it not create an additional overhead to keep it highly available, maintain and/or upgrade?

PS: Just learned GitHub started offering private repos for upto 3 collaborators as per this


Yes, it requires operational overhead, as does any self-hosted solution.
This is useful, for example, for organizations seeking to control data flow (i.e. making this code only available on a private network, or to and from a CI/CD pipeline or deployment platform), or just anyone seeking to cease doing business with SaaS providers (my main motivation, for example)--cases where the operational overhead is not a compelling drawback.


Perfect! Concerns around privacy are very valid nowadays since all SaaS providers snoop on user-data in the name of rules & regulations, compliance via some way or the other.


For developing Effectedkeyboard, I use Google Git Repository. Effected keyboard (@Effectedkey) is based on Anysoftkeyboard and so I hold down two private repositories there, for Anysoftkeyboard as well. Comfortable while I reference it. I pay only for Network traffic (0.05$ a month!) And they have secure paying and two steps authentication so anyone with my phone only can access. Great tool by the way.


I'm using Gitea on my own server about 2 weeks. I took it because like to save my code privately. In future I plan to sell my software some how. =)
And of course I love to hire coders to help to write code for my projects.
So, they push to my git and I learn from their code. That's all.


So, can I install Gitea on my company's intranet servers and use it as we use Github?


Yes. It's one of many excellent options for running your own git services and has compatibility with a lot of the same tooling and integrations (CI/CD, testing, etc.)


When I tried Gitea, I found I was able to connect my existing Drone instance pretty easily.

I ultimately ended up on Bitbucket Server, which like Gitlab, has built-in pipeline functionality for test automation, but found the experience of testing with Gitea pretty similar to past experiences with self-managed git infrastructure.

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