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Communication - between problem and solution

Working on a multidisciplinary squad/team can be hell or high water - the choice is yours. And for many reasons, the communication between people can be the reason of those problems, and the solution for all of them as well.

Today is almost impossible to not keep up with your colleagues - Slack, RocketChat, Trello, Jira, Asana... Those famous names compose a huge toolkit to elevate your communication and productivity. But, even so, we'll find ourselves in a trap - are we communicating correctly?

Personal Experience

I've worked with a developer-based team, where my colleagues were front and back-enders, and also worked with a multidisciplinary squad alongside a designer and SEO analysts - I was the only dev.

In both contexts, we've always used team-based communication tools, we "used" the sprint model among our delivers (at least we tried). But, I've always felt that something was missing - concernment.

You can be the quiet person, or the extroverted one - in this case, those characteristics doesn't matter. But, I believe that a connected team can deliver more stuff, both in quantity and in quality.

If you care about your partner's performance, the quality of his/her delivered stuff, you'll be more effective - as individuals, as a team...

And, this is much important for managers and leaders - even the words you choose can keep your team motivated.


In the end, doesn't matter if you're a dev and who else surrounds you (as a team, squad...) - what if your colleague is a high-level Python/Java/Go coder but you can't communicate?

Communication is a single component - but, it's also a powerful component between relationships.

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