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Reviewing PRs

Our final task for release 0.3 was to review two PRs made by our peers. The two PRs that I reviewed were from the IPC144 repo, just like the PR I made. I helped do reviews of PRs that were also auditing and fixing markdown files. You can check them out here and here.

The process I took was slightly different from what I did for my own pull request. First I took a look at the changes that they made in their PR. I would check every line that was modified and run that against the checklist to make sure that it matched the changes needed. Then I would just read through them normally as well to just check for any human error. Afterwards, I copied their updated markdown and tested it locally on my own machine to do my own audit of their audited version to see if I could spot any issues. I checked both the raw markdown file and the website version just like my own PR. Then I ran it through Lighthouse and Web Hint to check for any issues. Finally double check for any issues with light/dark mode and the mobile version of the webpage.

Both of the PRs I reviewed were very well done and thorough, they had very minimal errors to them and I was really only able to be nitpicky with one spacing mistake. It was interesting to see how different people approach the different changes such as alt text for images. While there is a best way to describe an image I was having some trouble naming some of the diagrams in my own PR but seeing how other people approached it allowed me to learn from their methods. As I stated in my previous blog post, this is really the power of open source allowing us to pool together our collective knowledge and methodologies, in turn making each other smarter and better. Anyways that's all for now, so until next time take care!

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