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Josue Luzardo Gebrim
Josue Luzardo Gebrim

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Dagster: The Best Free and Open-Source Alternative to Airflow With Python!

Stop Using Airflow Today with Dagster!

“Dagster is the data orchestration platform built for productivity.”

Dagster is an open-source project with fundamental tools for the modern data platform, with the aim of:

  • Accelerate development and testing with elegant Pythonic APIs.

  • Ability to scale to any workload with flexible, battle-tested infrastructure.

  • Ability to understand the status of jobs and data with built-in observability, all in a very polished interface.

Find out much more about Dagster and how it can be better than Airflow at:

Is that you? Will it continue into the age of Dinosaurs with Airflow? Is the solution your team uses really the best? :)

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