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How to celebrate an achievement as an open source developer?

jlandure profile image Julien Landuré Updated on ・1 min read

✏️ As an open source developer, I've maintained on GitHub a docker image since July 2017: an "Alpine Chrome" and now the image has been pulled more than 🎉 1 000 000 times 🎉 on the Docker Hub.

I wrote about it recently on 👇

🎯 What can I do to celebrate this achievement?

🤔 I do not know what kind of celebration I could do! It's a big achievement from my point of view.
🚀 I've started with a tweet here

😊 Disclaimer: I am not a designer and I've spent too much time designing the arrows to highlight the docker pulls: 1M information. Please do not judge it... and I've successfully added a :rocket: emoji on the screenshot.

🎉 What else?

💚 Do you have any kind of ideas or stories to share about celebrating your open source achievements?

  • Create a GIF?
  • Invite my friends to celebrate it in a restaurant?
  • [your turn]


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Nehal Hasnayeen

Congrats! 🎉

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