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Stepping into the real open source by first contribution

Through Github, I contributed to correcting typos in the open-source world for the first time!

what was the project about?

The name of the project is TDEngine. TDEngine is mostly written with C and python and it is an open-source big data platform that helps devices that need big data such as IoT, Connected Cars, Application Monitoring, etc.

what are the steps for solving the issue?

First of all, I commented on the issue page,
asking if I can be assigned this issue.

Next, Once I got the answer from the contributor, I forked it and git-cloned it. And then, I looked for the exact file I needed to fix for this issue.

Finally, I found the file and it was about a message typo as it was mentioned at the issue. It should be "press," but it was "presss" with an extra "s".

printf("presss any key to exit\n");
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So, I fixed that part very quickly and fast.

what did I learn from this?

I haven't learned much about this issue in terms of programming. But obviously, this contribution informed me about the world of open source. It has helped ease fear by revealing that all issues are not as tricky as I expected but as easy as I did not expect. Also, communicating with a contributor or maintainer was a new experience for me. Although solving this issue was not a difficult task, I was amazed by the contributor's thank-you, and souvenirs offer. I was satisfied and fulfilled to think that I had helped someone and some project. Although not all issues are this easy, I believe that my contribution through this issue will serve as a good stepping stone for future open source contributions for.

My pull request: PR8300

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