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Joseph Jude
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I coded for a year. Here are ten lessons

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I coded daily for a year. I skipped when we went on holidays and Sundays. Even when I skipped, I got back to the streak as quickly as possible.

Here are ten lessons I learned in this year of coding.

  1. I am privileged
  2. Make it a morning routine
  3. Build something you need
  4. Default choices make you productive
  5. Keep a swipe file (backlog)
  6. Separate thinking and doing
  7. Dope vs. Discipline
  8. Everything takes more time than planned
  9. Can't do without the internet
  10. Obsess over fundamentals; not techniques and tools

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Zane Milakovic

I once had a job where I had to wait for access to the computer network. That process took over 6 weeks. Because they moved me across country and did not plan for the delay, they still had me come into the office.

Every day I would use a 8 year old laptop with no internet connection to build a PHP version of Google Calendar. I was armed with a PHP book, and a CD of 20 dependencies someone downloaded for me to install on my machine.

So you can do it, but it was soooo hard.