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Discussion on: What's the best software for creating flowcharts and other visuals to document application logic?

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Joseph Jude

If you are on Mac, you can use Omnigraffle. I have been using it for 5 years and I'm happy with it for all kinds of visual creations (from screenmocks, wireframes, flowcharts, process diagrams etc).

Recently I started using Sketchapp. Though it is for creating wireframes and like, you can still use it for process documentations.

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Ben Halpern

Omnigraffle looks great!

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dotHTM • Edited on

I personally can't stand Omni Group's products, but they have made the best app for making a magnetically attachable arrow diagramming app with added vector drawing functionality.

I think Graffle's key power feature is being able to quickly select objects of similar shape, color, or style to then apply new or uniform styles.

But, I don't draw carts anymore with software, so I use Sketchapp for vector work.

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Ian bradbury

Over the years I've tried many tools. On the Mac - definitely the best is OmniGraffle. On Windows - MS Vizio.

My preference is always 'Graffle.

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Walker Harrison Author

interesting, someone else also suggested omnigraffle to me and showed some mockups she'd done that looked pretty crisp. I'm partial to free software...but their pricing does seem reasonable