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Discussion on: Solo developer & life project management

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Jason Towle • Edited on

As a solo developer myself, developing a couple of different in house systems, I use Trello to manage the tasks for each. Each application has its own board and I then I split the board into lists of "To Do", "In Progress", "For Review", "Ready For Release" and finally "Done".

Nothing ground breaking but works for me and is particularly helpful.

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Tomas Forsman Author

I used Trello a couple of years ago. Now I'm hoping for a self hosted sollution and at the moment I'm considering installing Restya

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Alan Hylands

I'll second this option. I've got a collection of Trello boards for different projects and one overall "Alan's To Do's" with lists very like Jason's.

Big help when juggling a multitude of different projects for work/businesses/family/hobbies etc.