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My Custom Developer Roadmap as a Junior Software Engineer on 2020

Heeya! So I've been wanting to do this sort of 100 days of code ever since the COVID-19 pandemic and raising of quarantine status within the Philippines. The goal here is to have me coding while following this roadmap.

This is a personal roadmap I've created that will tackle majority of the things I would want to learn, as well as stuffs that I really have a hard time doing so.

Alt Text

  1. Flutter (Mobile Development) - I need this one atm since I am having a pending app project for both android and ios.
  2. CSS - Oh God. Don't even get me started with this one. I've always hated CSS because I lacked the creativity to combine different styles to create a unique but presentable layout. What I'm aiming here is to be familiarized with majority of the syntaxes and concepts, as well as to be able to create simple to intermediate layouts
  3. Full Stack Refresher - Just a refresher project that involves NestJS, Express, React, and TypeScript. This project will mostly revolve on a CRUD functionality that utilizes a microservice architecture, and will be hosted maybe through AWS/GCP.
  4. Webpack, Babel, and TS config - Knowing what's happening under the hood and how to customize it out.
  5. Java Spring + Kafka - Another refresher chapter. I've been a Java guy for majority of the time I spent on my college, and I still prefer it over JavaScript.
  6. Angular 9 - With the big 3 JavaScript frontend frameworks, I've already had experience with React and Vue on professional work at my jobs. Been wanting to try out Angular once again and see which really fits my style of coding.

Will I be able to make this commitment and finish this before the year 2020 ends?

Challenge accepted! :)

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