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Jakub Jabłoński
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Free Next.js Boilerplate for ⚡️High-Performance⚡️ Enterprise Apps

The next-enterprise is an open-source template developed by Blazity that provides a robust set of features for building enterprise projects. It offers high-performance, maintainable and enjoyable web app development, making it an excellent choice for developers who want to streamline their workflow.


  • 🏎️ Next.js - Fast by default, with config optimized for performance
  • 💅 Tailwind CSS - A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development
  • ESlint and Prettier - For clean, consistent, and error-free code
  • 🛠️ Extremely strict TypeScript - With ts-reset library for ultimate type safety
  • 📊 Bundle analyzer plugin - Keep an eye on your bundle size
  • 🧪 Jest and React Testing Library - For rock-solid unit and integration tests
  • 🎭 Playwright - Write end-to-end tests like a pro
  • 📕 Storybook - Create, test, and showcase your components
  • 🌬️ Smoke Testing and Acceptance Tests - For confidence in your deployments
  • 📝 Conventional commits git hook - Keep your commit history neat and tidy
  • 🔍 Observability - Open Telemetry integration for seamless monitoring
  • 🎯 Absolute imports - No more spaghetti imports
  • ⚕️ Health checks - Kubernetes-compatible for robust deployments
  • 🧩 Radix UI - Headless UI components for endless customization
  • 💎 CVA - Create a consistent, reusable, and atomic design system
  • 🤖 Renovate BOT - Auto-updating dependencies, so you can focus on coding
  • 🩹 Patch-package - Fix external dependencies without losing your mind
  • 📈 Components coupling and cohesion graph - A tool for managing component relationships
  • 🚀 GitHub Actions - Pre-configured actions for smooth workflows, including Bundle Size and performance stats
  • 🤖🧠 Automated ChatGPT Code Reviews - Stay on the cutting edge with AI-powered code reviews!
  • 💯 Perfect Lighthouse score - Because performance matters
  • 🚢 Semantic Release - for automatic changelog
  • 💻 T3 Env - Manage your environment variables with ease

All completely free and open-source and that's not even all. Check out to see everything it has to offer!

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rangercoder99 profile image

Looks amazing and some of this things are huge pain to setup manually... have my 🌟 on github

bmstefanski profile image
Bartłomiej Stefański

This is so dope man, thanks