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The story of Edwin Barnes

Edwin C. Barnes (Left) and Thomas Edison (Right)

Desire: knowing what you want and think of how to get there

Edwin Barnes wanted to become Thomas Edison’s partner. But he had no money. He had little education. He had no influence. He had no relationship with Edison.

However, the desire of Edwin Barnes was so strong, and he needed to find a way to make it come true. So he used his brain and think!

How could he move one step closer to making his desire come true?

Barnes hopped onto a freight train to meet Edison. He plans to propose to work together as business partners, whether Edison liked it or not.

Faith: having the ability to believe

Another crucial part is the faith to believe that you would be able to achieve what you desire.

Faith is putting in the trust in things yet unseen, wishes and dreams that are yet to come true. Having faith means removing that limiting belief and know that you have it in you to get what you desire. Nothing is impossible, it’s just not yet possible.

There are many setbacks when chasing after our desire, failure can destroy our own confidence and maybe, we might give up.

However, Life has a way of developing strength and wisdom in individuals, through temporary defeat and failure, and do not overlook the fact that there is no such reality as a permanent failure until an experience has been accepted as such. — Napoleon Hill

Barnes knowing that he has limited resources has the faith that he can and will become Edison’s partner.

Persistence: transmuting desire into reality

The power of desire is dependent upon one’s Intensity of desire. Weak desire brings weak result, just like a small fire makes a small amount of heat.

Barnes was immediately rejected by Edison as soon as he proposed his business partner idea. “I will start anywhere. I will do anything Edison tells me to do, but before I am through, I will be his associate.

Edison was impressed by Barne’s attitude decided to offer him a job as a sweeper. It was far from his ideal goal, but it is one step closer. Barnes will not quit.

He did not say, “I will work there for a few months, and if I get no encouragement, I will quit and get a job somewhere else.” Barnes did not have backup plans. He did not say, “I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity, in case I fail to get what I want in the Edison organisation.

Barnes focused all of his thoughts in ensuring that he will get what he wanted. He spent two years as a sweeper as he observed Edison’s way of working. Then, the opportunity came, when Edison designed a product called Ediphone and Barnes stepped forward to pitch his idea to become Edison’s partner to sell the Ediphone.

Barnes’ burning desire and persistence transformed into grit. Grit led him to stay focus. He said, “There is but one thing in this world that I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me, and stake my entire future on my ability to get what I want.

It took Barnes five years of relentless effort to get his chance to finally work with Edison.

That’s Barnes story of success!

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